Common senior travel mistakes

Common senior travel mistakes

People after getting retired prefer to go out for a trip and enjoy but they do not realize that they need to be careful while traveling. Seniors often make mistakes during travel and in this article I am going to talk about 4 mistakes that seniors do while traveling.

  1. Skipping senior discounts

Seniors do not know much about travel and they end up paying extra money. So first you need to plan your trip wisely and do some research about your destination. There are some countries that offer travel for seniors discounts for elders, for example –Italy offers a silver card which is good for discounts on many Italian trains. The initial cost for travel is 30 Euros and it is free for anyone age above 75 years old. In Spain you get a gold card for travel. Both these cards are available for persons older than 60 years. So before travelling you need to know about these things so that it will be easy for you to travel.

  1. Missing travel for seniors club Discounts

Like the example I gave before there are many organizations and travel agencies that give you discount if you are more than 60 years of age so you need to know about them and utilize them. You can join any club for discount you just need to know them there are many agencies like AARP its main focus programs are on the need of people older than 50 years. Another group American Seniors helps in getting discount on Hotels, car rental. And many more things and all these plans are for elders.

  1. Failing to ask for discount

Whenever you visit an agency you need to as k them a basic question and most of the senior does not ask this question “Do you offer any discounts for senior adults”. Many people do not realize that discounts for travel seniors can be given from the age of 60 years. They mostly feel shy of asking this question. If you are of above 60 years of age your chances of getting discount from any agency gets higher get information on 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans at to find out about the household discounts.

  1. Guided travel for seniors tours

If you are a senior the best way for you to go on a tour is with a guide. At a certain age guided travel for seniors tours are the safest for seniors and it becomes easy for them to explore the city or place. But it is not always true, guided tours can be more expensive and you need to be more careful whether you want to spend all that money on a guide or not. If you are okay with yourself then do not waste your money. So these are some of the mistakes that senior couples make during travels.