Travel companions for seniors- how to find the best?

Travel companions for seniors- how to find the best?

Travelling is the most preferred activities in the senior age group of individuals. However, people do not like to travel alone so they look for companions to travel along them. Travelling with companions can make travel for seniors more comfortable and easier. If you are looking for a good companion when you get to the right place can an Check out the article below on tips on how to find the best companions for your upcoming trip:

Make your travel goals

It’s good to have a feel of the travel experience you want to get, before setting off for the journey. If you want to travel with a companion then you should take time and think about the vacation goals and travel style. If you have made decisions about your trip than you can easily explain to your companion. If your companion’s plan doesn’t match yours or there is a disagree then you can sort out about it early so there would be no confusion during the trip.

There are several travel style options which you can consider:

Hotel rooms: Which type of accommodation you prefer luxurious or mid-range?

Dining: Which type of food facilities you want: fast foods, local market food, star level dining or you want to cook your own food?

Transportation: Which type of facilities you want like luxurious rental cars, private taxi or public transportation?

Sightseeing: Which activity you like doing on vacation like visiting museums, shopping, outdoor travel, historical tour etc.

Budget: Travel for seniors is influenced by budget so you discuss it with your companion.

Take a short trip

Travel for seniors with a good partner is crucial for a safe journey. Before making final decisions of booking you must go for a test trip for getting knowledge on how well you both work as a team. This will help you in enjoying your vacation without any misunderstanding or disappointments.

Travel groups/clubs

Travel groups are social groups that travel together. You can easily find a travel group in your locality. This group has certain requirements which can include membership charges.

Online Searching

Nowadays, travellers are searching for companions online through social media or certain websites. People usually make groups related to dining, travelling etc. and ask their members for travelling. With the advent of modern technologies like smartphone and internet facilities getting 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans via travel for seniors and making a good companion has become a lot easier.

Common senior travel mistakes

Common senior travel mistakes

People after getting retired prefer to go out for a trip and enjoy but they do not realize that they need to be careful while traveling. Seniors often make mistakes during travel and in this article I am going to talk about 4 mistakes that seniors do while traveling.

  1. Skipping senior discounts

Seniors do not know much about travel and they end up paying extra money. So first you need to plan your trip wisely and do some research about your destination. There are some countries that offer travel for seniors discounts for elders, for example –Italy offers a silver card which is good for discounts on many Italian trains. The initial cost for travel is 30 Euros and it is free for anyone age above 75 years old. In Spain you get a gold card for travel. Both these cards are available for persons older than 60 years. So before travelling you need to know about these things so that it will be easy for you to travel.

  1. Missing travel for seniors club Discounts

Like the example I gave before there are many organizations and travel agencies that give you discount if you are more than 60 years of age so you need to know about them and utilize them. You can join any club for discount you just need to know them there are many agencies like AARP its main focus programs are on the need of people older than 50 years. Another group American Seniors helps in getting discount on Hotels, car rental. And many more things and all these plans are for elders.

  1. Failing to ask for discount

Whenever you visit an agency you need to as k them a basic question and most of the senior does not ask this question “Do you offer any discounts for senior adults”. Many people do not realize that discounts for travel seniors can be given from the age of 60 years. They mostly feel shy of asking this question. If you are of above 60 years of age your chances of getting discount from any agency gets higher get information on 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans at to find out about the household discounts.

  1. Guided travel for seniors tours

If you are a senior the best way for you to go on a tour is with a guide. At a certain age guided travel for seniors tours are the safest for seniors and it becomes easy for them to explore the city or place. But it is not always true, guided tours can be more expensive and you need to be more careful whether you want to spend all that money on a guide or not. If you are okay with yourself then do not waste your money. So these are some of the mistakes that senior couples make during travels.

How to maintain good oral health at age 65 and above?

How to maintain good oral health at age 65 and above?

As we get older, there are certain personal hygiene steps we tend to forget, dental hygiene seems to be one of them. Age on its own is not the only factor in determining oral health. Certain medical conditions such as arthritis in the hands and fingers may make the brushing process on its own difficult to perform so get 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans on this site
. Some medications may also affect dental health and influence changes in dental treatment. Old age puts the aged people at risk for some oral health complications such as;

  • Root decay. As gum tissues wear off the teeth, the teeth roots become more exposed. This makes it easier for the tooth root to be exposed to decay-causing acids.
  • Gum diseases. It is the major cause of tooth loss. It is usually caused by plaques and worsened by leftover food in the mouth, use of tobacco, poor diets and some diseases conditions such as anaemia and diabetes.
  • This is an infection caused by the overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans in the mouth. It comes with white rashes and can be caused by diseases and drugs that affect the immune system.
  • Darkened teeth. This is very common among the seniors. It can be caused by changes in the dentin, thinning of the outer enamel and a lifetime of consuming teeth-staining foods and beverages.

How to improve dental care for the seniors?

Oral health care has to do with multiple approaches all geared towards maintaining a clean, disease free and pain-free tooth. If you are responsible for taking care of an elderly one, it is important you establish a consistent oral healthcare routine:

  • Brushing morning and night

Brushing is the most effective way to do away with dental plaques and avoid the bacteria that comes with it. The brush should be placed at 45o angle to the gum line and should be taken back and forth and in a circular motion. Ensure you use a soft tooth brush.

  • Use fluoride toothpaste

High fluoride is recommended for the very aged people as it naturally protects the teeth against decay and strengthens the tooth enamel.

  • Changes in dietary intake

The fact remains that tooth decay is directly related to the number of times sugar is taken rather than the amount taken thus its frequency should be reduce. Meals containing milk or cheese can help reduce tooth-decay causing acids. Encourage that enough water be taken after meals (especially sugary meals) and after taking medications.


  • Visit dentist for regular check up

The person in charge of the senior one should make sure of this. It is even recommended that a health professional perform an oral health assessment continuously.

Senior living: how to find low-income senior-housing

Senior living: how to find low-income senior-housing

Whether it is developing country or the developed country, standard of living has always been a matter of concern. Housing is one of the components which plays crucial role in maintaining a good living standards. But, at the same time if you are living in rented house, you might be spending a big share of your earnings on housing – it is advised to spend no more than 30 percent of your earnings to have a proper balance between the living standards and the financial conditions.  Once attaining the age of 65 or getting retirement, you might be looking for low-income senior housing to manage your finance after retirement. Here in this article we help you in how you can find low-income senior housing.

Analyse your finance and budget wisely

Analysing the finance condition and then deciding the budget is the first step towards considering the best housing options. Consider 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans found at

How to avail low-income housing?

There are numerous options available for low-income senior citizens. In some of the countries the government subsidized housing schemes are available wherein the landlords are subsidized for providing rent on lower prices. But to qualify for these schemes you must fulfil certain criteria and of course these are: age, income etc. But there might be different requirements for different places, so I would recommend you to contact your local public housing agency. They would be able to help you with the perfect housing schemes and facilities that you can avail.

Public Housing: It is another housing option that you can consider. These are the houses which are administered and funded by the state. You can have detailed information on such schemes by visiting your local government websites or you can ask for information from local government offices. Besides all these, private housing schemes are also available. These are basically the non-fit organisations but they are financially supported by the state for the construction of houses.

Google can help

You can find more information on housing schemes available in your specific country by simply searching on Google.

What to expect in senior low-income housing?

One should expect getting one-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom. There should also be some more imperative services like housekeeping, transportation facilities, home- delivered hygienic food. In this article I have shared some information on how you can avail low-income housing, different schemes available and how you can get more information on the particular scheme. I hope, now you can take well informed decision while considering your finance conditions.