The All For Nots Review

The All For Nots is an American TV show produced by Michael Eisner about an indie rock band and their adventures while touring the road for concerts. The All For Nots is classified as a TV documentary-comedy because it also focuses on the real situation of indie bands and their survival in the music industry. It is also considered a comedy because it treats life situations from a humorous point of view.

The All For Nots focuses on the life and struggles of a indie band. Indie bands are independent actors on the music scene because they don’t sing commercial contracts with record labels. They do their own promotion, they record in their own improvised studios and they play gigs in local, small clubs. The indie music scene has become very popular in recent years due to the fact that indie bands have found resources to get their music out there. Most resources have been made available through the Internet and podcasts.

The All for Nots indie band travels the country in search for local gigs. The producers of the show labeled the band as one that will conquer the World Wide Web if they are careful enough not to run out of gas.

The TV show aired its pilot episode on March 11, 2008. It has reached a first season and other seasons are being commissioned. The All for Nots has aired 24 episodes and each of them is named after a city in the United States. The cities are the ones in which the indie band stops in its musical travel around the country.

Some critics consider the show to be pointless because it’s neither a comedy nor a drama. Others considered it to be an example of a new genre: docucomedy. This is a new style in film making that involves elements of classic comedy with the real footage of a documentary film.

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